About Us/Contact info

We are sisters, twin sisters. We have done everything together growing up, and still love to do as much as we can together. We both are married and have two children (two of them are born within a month of each other).  Crocheting has been one of our favorite hobbies. We have many ideas and love to come up with new ones!

 If you would like to contact Julie or Kellie you can email us using this email: darlingderrieredesigns@hotmail.com


  1. Hey girls! As a twin to a sister myself, I wanna see what you two look like! Add a profile pic ;)

    PS: Are you identical?

    1. We are identical! One minute apart:) Thanks for the reminder, we have been meaning too! (Julie actually lived in Mesa and said she met one of you at a party at I think she said Megan's house). We love your blog!

  2. Julie here-Actually I met both of you once at one of Katie Dew's parties at your parents house. I lived across from Katie in the town homes before moving back to Utah. I remembered you guys because you were twins!