Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Headband Tutorial

 This has been a favorite headband of mine to make for Valentines Day. It is cute for babies, children, and adults. It is also a really easy beginner tutorial to do. Give it a try! I hope you enjoy this Tutorial!

To start you need yarn and a crochet hook. Preferably a size E-H.

Suggestion: If you do not know/recognize any of the stitches. I highly recommend just typing them into Google. You will find many pictures or Youtube videos to help you out. I have used this link: here

To start make a slip knot and chain 2.

Round 1: Do 6 sc (single crochets) in the 1st chain that you did. Pull your tail tight to hide the hole in the middle.

 Round 2: Then, do 2 sc's in each of those 6 stitches you did in the First Round. (I place a bobby pin to mark where I ended my round. It makes it so much easier!!!) This makes 12 sc's.

Round 3: Do this one in multiple steps:
               Step 1: Do 3 sc's (this time just do one in each of the next three stitches).
               Step 2 : In stitch 4 of the round do a sc and a hdc (half double crochet). Sounds confusing, but          
                its very similar to a sc.
               Step 3: Do 4 dc (double crochets) in the next stitch (stitch 5).
               Step 4: Do 1 sl st (slip stitch) in stitch 6.

(Should look something like this)

               Step 5: Do 4 dc (double crochets) in the next stitch (stitch 7).
               Step 6: Do a hdc (half double crochet) and a sc (single crochet) in stitch 8.
               Step 7: Do 4 sc's (single crochets) in the next three stitches. (stitches 9-12)

Now You are done with the hardest part!!! Tie it off.


You can add a bigger heart behind it simply by doing the heart again with a larger hook. I suggest at least two sizes bigger.

The headband: make two chains the size of your head (or your babies head), and tie into circles.
             I go by these guidelines:

Newborn: 13.5 inches
1-3 months: 14.5 inches
4-6 months: 15.5 inches
7-9 months: 17 inches
10-12 months: 17.25 inches
 12 months +: 17.5 inches
Adults: 18 inches

To finish:

I use hot glue. It works so well on yarn as long as you make sure it isn't in contact with the skin (it can be scratchy on a babies head). Plus it is so quick and easy. You can also sew it if you would prefer.

First, glue the hearts (if you made two) together.

Second, glue the two bands onto the back of the hearts.

I also glue them to the edge of the heart to make sure I have them spaced out to give the headband that cute look.

Laying flat it should look like this when finished

Your are done! Thanks for stopping by and giving it a try!!!


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