Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pattern Tips

We are going to add some crocheting "tips" that we have learned while crocheting. (We will be constantly adding more as they come to us!)

Here are some Pattern Tips!

1. Read patterns slowly. It is easy to miscount, misread, or skip stitches. This will cause the whole pattern to get off. You will be fine if you READ CAREFULLY!

2. BOBBY PINS! A lot of patterns work in rounds. This is going around in circles. They say to use a stitch marker to keep track of where you finish a round. Bobby Pins are fantastic markers. Plus, if you are like me I always have one somewhere!

3. Check your gauge. It tells you how many stitches/inch. This will help you stay on track.

4. Don't be too sad if you have to back track a little. It is worth it in the end!

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