Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yarn Tips

We are going to add some crocheting "tips" that we have learned while crocheting. (We will be constantly adding more as they come to us!)

Here are some Yarn Tips!

1. There are different sizes of yarn. If you have a pattern, they usually say what size you will need. If you use the wrong size yarn, your creation could be way off!!!

2. We typically use Worsted Weight Yarn which is a medium thickness. Red Heart is a common example. It is the most commonly used and found in stores.

3. Baby yarn and Sports Weight yarn are thinner yarns. They are commonly used for booties, blankets, sweaters, etc.

4. There is a Heavy Worsted Wight, Bulky, and Super Bulky Yarns. These are thicker and can be used for some hats, Baby cocoons, and blankets. (You typically use a large hook for thicker yarn)

5. If you would like to create a thicker look using the yarns you have tie them together. Double or even triple them up! You could have a mixture of colors or all the same. Spices things up a bit!

6. To avoid knotting you can roll the yarn into a ball before starting. I do this with the thinner yarns that tangle easier.

7. Yarn is most often the cheapest at Walmart! At least the more common brands.

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